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Success Stories

Success Stories

We’ve been so fortunate to have PHS Success Stories sent to us from happy adopters. Look below for beautiful tales that are sure to warm your heart!.

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Violet (formerly Hilda), Ben and Archie (formerly Donavan)

Violet Success Story collageBack about 7 1/2 years ago my parents adopted a dog named Ben from the Putnam Humane Society. He was a Shoe chewer for a while and gave us a run for our money in his puppy and teenage years.   He was always a very sweet dog and still is and stands guard over our family and over my two little nieces.  We call him Gentle Ben. He is the sweetest dog we’ve ever come across, but also one of the biggest!  He is a special guy and he gets more and more lovable by the day.  My parents also adopted a cat that they named Buddie (myrtle),  about three years ago. But he absolutely loves Ben and is a very independent cat but a very affectionate one.

My husband and I currently have three beautiful and healthy cats two, of which are from the Putnam Humane Society. Archie (Donavan), was adopted in 2012 and got along right away with his brother McGee.  He was a kitten when we got him and our other cat was relatively young so they took to each other very quickly and have been best buds ever since. This past fall I walked back into the Putnam Humane Society and I asked for one of the most deserving cats that they had for adoption. Without hesitation they all said “Hilda”. We later named her Violet.  She is gentle and beautiful and I believe that our home might be the first home that she’s ever lived in.  She had been found and was nursing not only her own kittens but had adopted a second set of kittens to care for.   Needless to say when I brought her home she was very skittish and very skinny.  She hid for almost 3 weeks under a bed and we barely saw her.  She was absolutely terrified of her other two cats. Now there isn’t a time I see her when she isn’t nuzzled up against one of the other two boys that we have. She is also way fuller than we thought she would ever be considering she was so tiny when we got her.  She is happy and healthy and loves her brothers.





We adopted Mori in early June of this year but it feels like he’s always been a part of our home. He has been such a welcome addition with his love of attention and big heart. Every single day we are thankful and happy we have gotten to watch his personality evolve from the scared, constantly-hiding kitty to the loving, confident, mischievous hunter. In short, we are obsessed with our silly, noisy, quirky little man and are grateful to you, the Putnam Humane Society, for granting us the adoption ❤?

-Melissa and Marcus


Jax (formerly Cramden)

Jax (formerly Cramden) Success Story 1

Jax (formerly Cramden) Success Story 2We adopted Jax (formerly Cramden) on 7/25/15.

He has brought so much happiness to our home since his arrival. He is so playful and sweet. He loves to cuddle and gives lots of kisses. Jax gets along very well with our other kitty Abby and our Collie Thumper. 
We celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday!! Thank you Putnam Humane Society!!

Anne, Ken and Kelli Murphy




Willie Success Story Collage












After almost four years as a volunteer at PHS, I’ve walked and loved many a dog; and even brought home a couple of them on weekends to help socialize them to home surroundings. In the fall of 2014, a little terrier dog named Willie was having a hard time finding a home. He came into the shelter at approximately 8 years old from uncertain circumstances and had a lot of fear aggression and dominant dog issues. He was a real brat and needed a lot of retraining. Willie had been adopted out twice and returned because he kept biting his adopters. We aren’t talking about little snaps here, he was pretty fierce for a little guy. Even though folks said I was crazy to take on such a tough case, I wanted to try. Willie deserved a chance at becoming a “real” dog. Most dogs with issues like his don’t get this chance.

For the first few months, Willie tried to bite me pretty much every day. It was mostly when I tried to leash him up to go for a walk; but that wasn’t the only time. He would also bite if someone tried to get him out of the car after going somewhere. I have to admit, he looked pretty scary when he bared his teeth and launched himself at me. But I also had to chuckle at him; because he is only 10 pounds. I used to put on my winter boots when I had to go get him because his little teeth couldn’t penetrate. I would hang his leash out the window so I could grab the end before I had to get him. He would hide in his crate, (he felt safe there – good and bad points to this; because he also protected this space) so I would have to tilt it over to dump him out. He would try to bite every time I leashed him so in the beginning I had to lasso him to get his leash on while he cowered in his bed so we could go for a walk.

I followed the PHS trainers’ advice: structure, consistency, discipline, and of course, he got love. But mostly he felt secure in his new home. I asked the PHS trainers a lot of questions and followed their advice to the best of my ability. I was vigilant in the beginning because if I gave him an inch he would go back to bad behavior. It was really hard to be vigilant when I looked at that cute face –  I kept reminding myself of that snarling snapping little brat I brought home and knew it would pay off down the road.

Ten months later Willie is truly a different dog – he’s a “real” dog now. He looks to me as his pack leader. He is a funny, sweet, happy little guy. If he gets off course, we back up. It happens periodically, but not often and there is usually a trigger: a person, a noise, etc. He has earned expanded freedom to walk around my condo without the leash in all areas except the bedroom.(because he will still scramble under the bed and not come out). He is the darling of my condo neighborhood, runs up to all his people friends wiggling his little sausage tail to be petted. His best neighbor friend is an 8 year girl who comes to visit him, walk him and gives him snausages. He even is now able to be around other dogs without barking. He hops willingly into his crate for bed at night and waits to come out in the morning. He loves going for rides in the car and hops into my lap or waits by the passenger door when it’s time to get out. He loves his cat sister, Cleo. They snuggle side by side on the couch at night. It’s hard to believe he is the same dog I brought home.  So many dogs are overlooked in shelters because they have issues. Willie is proof that with patience, time and training, even an 8 year old dog with serious behavioral problems can be rehabilitated into a loving family member.


Midnite (formerly Urbano) & Star (formerly Kale)

Midnite & Star Success StoryAmour, Jess and everyone at PHS,

My guys Midnite & Star are my biggest joy!!

Thanks to all,




Molly Success Story



Mitten Success Story


Angel (Formerly Aldo)

Aldo now Angel 3Aldo now Angel 1



Angel is the    old Aldo and he already owns the place! He’s very very happy and sweet.  Thank you so much.






Rocky Success Story 2

Rocky success Story 3

Hi Putnam Humane,                   Rocky Success Story 1

As we have mentioned each time we come to donate, we are so thankful for you guys saving all these cats and dogs.

We rescued Rocky back in August 2013 and have been in love ever since.

Rocky is the king of the castle and we spoil him beyond belief,  but he is so deserving of it,  with the history he’s been through.

We have attached a few pictures of him to show you guys how he is doing these days. He loves to cuddle with us and our son when he sleeps,  and really loves to go pickup our son from school. All the kids love him. When he is awake he lays on the couch with us and watches TV.

The Hoffman’s


Corky & Courtney

Corky & Courtney Success Picture








Corky & Courtney were both rescued from a terrible local hoarding situation.  They were adopted together!  Here they are in their loving home.  They are both thriving and bring so much joy to their family!

Endo (Formerly Atlas)

On the beach in Rhode Island.

On the beach in Rhode Island.

Cuddling with Guinea Pig buddy, Sandler.

Cuddling with Guinea Pig buddy, Sandler.

Ice Fishing on Putnam Lake.

Ice Fishing on Putnam Lake.












We adopted Endo, formerly known as “Atlas”, when my boyfriend and I stopped by at your shelter three or four years ago this spring (wow has time passed, it feels like yesterday!). We saw Endo, just three months old, looking cute as ever laying in his cage under a raised dog bed (which, even to this day Endo loves laying under tables and chairs). He had two other cage mates that looked to be a few months older then him but he didn’t seem to mind them one bit. As soon as we bent down to greet him he came right up to us with his adorable puppy face, it just melted our hearts. We knew that he was supposed to be part of our family.

Since adopting Endo he has traveled to many places here on the east coast. He especially loves swimming in lakes and in the ocean! He loves all animals and loves to go on his weekly hikes. Endo has turned out to be an amazing dog and has exceeded all of our expectations. He loves to play and run around but he loves to cuddle and snuggle just as much. Endo fits in with us and our lifestyle perfectly. Every summer Endo goes camping and loves to sit around the campfire and/or get down and dirty in the dirt! We couldn’t have asked for a better, well-behaved dog! We hope in a few years to be able to provide another dog with a loving home as we have given Endo.

Thank you PHS for saving Endo’s life from the high kill shelter in Georgia! We can’t thank you enough and please know that Endo is living a wonderful life with us and is very happy! He has brought so much love to our home!

Thank you again,

Kristine Kellas, Wayne Fletcher & Endo


Sparky (Formerly Sparkles)


Sparky (formerly Sparkles)

We wanted to send some pictures over of our adopted kitten Sparky (formerly Sparkles). We adopted him on 3/13/14. He is loved by all of us & his adoptive older cat brother, Maxwell. Sparky fits right in with Maxwell & is a great addition to our family. We are now officially a black kitty establishment.


Riot (Formerly Jenny)


Riot (Formerly Jenny)Can’t tell you how much we love our “tuxedo” kitty “Riot” who we adopted from Putnam Humane in February!!!


J. Walter



Bee Gee


Bee Gee Success Story trio

My husband, myself and our 13 year old Calico (Maddy – Adopted from Just Strays) recently moved up to a senior developement in Somers.  On March 14th Maddy passed away.  We swore we were done with pets due to our age.  Of course I looked on the internet and there at the Putnam Humane Society was Bee Gee.  She looked so lonely although she was well taken care of.  After visiting her at the shelter a couple of times, we took her home.  She may have only 3 legs, but she has great courage and a loving way about her.  It has been a trip and a half these past 2 weeks.  First night she hid on us.  It took these two old geezers 15 minutes to find her.  We live in a small apartment,  not a mansion.  We found her in a cabinet under the bathroom sink.  She squeezed herself into a space between the door and cabinet.  Getting her into the kitchen to eat was another fun time.  Took 10 days for us to be able to pet her and guess what?  Yesterday I was able to brush her, and now Bee Gee gets up on my chair at night to sleep!  Now she is Queen Bee.  She was so scared when we got her, it took awhile.  It has been a challenge but well worth it.  She also loves to play with my sneaker laces.  
Please visit this wonderful shelter and check out their tenants.  If you can not adopt, donate and help this wonderful shelter.  
E. Phillips




Misty Success Story2 Misty Success Story1

I just wanted to send you some pictures of the wonderful cat that we adopted from PHS four months ago.  Misty (we kept her PHS name) is a lovely tuxedo cat and we love her to bits.  She was very timid at first and spent her first days hiding but eventually began exploring a little bit further each day until she’s pretty much investigated every inch of the house.  Misty is happy to show us her new hiding places and/or exploration places.  She is very sociable (on her terms of course…she IS a cat :)) and has “her” special spots all over the house.  She squeaks a greeting whenever she wants our attention (she doesn’t meow) and seems to be quite the happy cat.  Lots of purrs, she has never hissed or scratched.  She’s a wonderful little girl.
Misty lives here along with our rescue Rottweiler Bunny.  Bunny had lived with a cat before but Misty wasn’t too sure about living with a dog.  Bunny so desperately wanted to be Misty’s friend!  Eventually Misty realized that Bunny just wanted to play and the two of them have been figuring out their games (Misty’s favorite is lying under a chair, waiting for Bunny to sniff her belly then batting at Bunny with all four paws…no claws…it’s hysterical).  Misty is also the only cat that I have ever me that will let you pet her tummy & not introduce you to her claws.  She’s a total doll.  Thank you for such a wonderful cat.
Here are some pictures of Misty & Bunny.  You can see Misty in her bed, lining up for a turn at Bunny’s water dish and average events from around our house.  Thank you all so much.  She is a delight of a cat and we all love her.

Nina, Bill & William Morrison



Fiona (Formerly Fancy)

Fiona (Formerly Fancy) article

  Fiona (Formerly Fancy)2

Fiona (Formerly Fancy)1


My husband and I already had a FeLv+ kitty named Roxy and we thought she would enjoy a friend.  We went to the PHS shelter to see if there were any FeLv+ kitties & there were two.  One look at Fancy & she started purring  and spinning in circles!!  We opened her cage to pet her and she practically jumped into my arms and purred.  There was no doubt she picked us to be her family.  

3 years ago today, my husband and I adopted Fancy (now Fiona)!  She still purrs & spins in circles the moment either one of us walks in the door.  She is the sweetest little kitty who loves to play & get belly rubs & we couldn’t imagine life without her!  

Thank you for not giving up on her!

Christine & Michael H. 

Oreo (Formerly Robinson)

Oreo (was Robinson) success story










Robinson aka as Oreo turned 1 on March 12th, 2014.
He’s a wonderful loving cat!! We all love him so much!!!

Luna (Formerly Dora)

Luna (Dora) Success Story 2 Luna (Dora) Success Story 1My Family and I adopted Luna or Dora as she was called at the Humane Society, about 2 years ago. When we first brought her home she was very quiet, timid, and didn’t do a lot of exploring. Her background story was quite sad, it was obvious she had been used for breeding which made her terrified of other dogs and she clearly did not have much experience inside of a home. But over the past 2 years Luna has blossomed into a sweet, loving, and excited 8 year old doberman pincher. She enjoys laying on the couch and snuggling next to people. We are so happy we adopted Luna, we can certainly tell all of our lives are better because of it. 






Coby (Formerly Crosby)

This is Coby, formally known as Crosby. I adopted him in 2008, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!

He is my big lovable couch potato. Couldn’t ask for a better dog!

Thank you!
Lisa M

Liam & Kathleen


We are the two former shelter kitties who helped each other and loved each other sooooo much. They called us Darwinia and Brady. Brady is almost totally blind and Darwinia was the seeing eye kitty. So one day in 2013 this family came in and their elderly cat Liam had passed away so they were sad and wanted to take in a kitty. They agreed to take us and love us forever. Our names are now Liam and Kathleen. Our cat sister is Kira and our Cat Dad is Mr Kitty. The Dogs are Pebbles the Pug and Bela the Labradoodle who was from PHS. We have a loving family and we chase around and have so much fun. We are sooooo grateful to the PHS family for helping us find the Best Home Ever.

– The Dreier Family



Tiger Irwin is now Gyro, named for the perfect balance he’s brought to our home. We are so happy he’s with us, and so are the older girls (cats) who are completely smitten with him. Perfect boy. We adore him, and so does Facebook. I’m a little obsessed with how incredibly beautiful and sweet he is, and have taken to posting pics daily. He’s become the sweetheart of my page. Here are two that won him popularity.

Thank you, Putnam Humane Society, for our amazing Gyro!


Here is a video clip of our dog Mac that we adopted 2 years ago. As you can see, he has settled in beautifully and is truly a part of our family in every way. Not sure what his past was. but I have never seen such a gentle soul in a dog. He is very loved by all of us and everyone he meets .

Thank you for giving him what he needed so we could have such a great dog

– The Summa Family

Candi & Bianca


Hi! Candi and Bianca are doing very well here at their new home. They love to run around the house playing with each other. They’re still a little shy, but they are getting better every day.



Wanted to share our vacation to Cape Cod with Noodles with everyone at the shelter. We had a room right on the beach and if it had been up to Noodles we would have slept out there. He spent the first two days barking at the waves, but by the third day he had worked up the courage to go in.

He is the best little boy. He loves to go in the car and travels all over with us. So far he’s been to Lake Placid, Pennsylvania and Cape Cod with a visit to his Aunt Claudia in Rochester right around the corner. We can’t imagine going anywhere without him. Thanks so much,

– Jan Hill & John Scapelhorn



Domino wants to be near everyone!  He’s a lap cat who purrs and rubs against you for some loving.  He’s in great hands with us!

– Sami Kaplan



Our little Fritz is a playful little kitty who likes to nuzzle & nibble on our ears and play in the curtains of a sunny window.

– Sami Kaplan



Mittens is doing great. She’s just a little bit shy, but she’s coming out of her shell and is really very loving! She’s very playful and likes to play with ropes and lick my other animals!

– Sami Kaplan



It’s been about 3 months now since we adopted Mia from you after having to put down our 9 1/2 year old cat Jasper (who we also got from you when he was 3 months old).  She’s made so much progress in the last 3 months, she’s gone from hiding from us and being skittish to talking and playing with us. She’s also become more of a lap cat when she’s feeling up to it :-) She’s definitely a funny cat who enjoys running up and down the hall after her toys. She has a favorite ball that she carries around in her mouth and bats all around. We usually have to find it once a day for her and she’s always happy when we do. Her blue eyes are what really get to us as she’s such a pretty girl and has become the princess of the house. I have to tell you that she’s become a part of the family in the last 3 months and we love her a lot!  She’s definitely found her forever home with us.

Thanks again for all you do for the cats and dogs that come to the shelter.

– Carrie Schell



Just wanted to say Thank You to you all!!  We took Mikey home almost 2 1/2 years ago, he is the best pup EVER!! He’s such a smart and happy boy. Life changed for the better for all of us!! Thank You again.

Remi & Willow


Thanks for your help with our adoption. Life is great!! We have matured and calmed down a lot. We’ve learned many new commands and are eager to learn more. Now with the warm weather, we spend lots of time on the lake — it’s our favorite pastime. Thanks again!

– Remi and Willow – The Pointer Sisters!


Patches_Heraldo-2 Patches_Heraldo

I rescued my first cat and her litter of 4 kittens from a car that was towed from Montana to NY during a snowstorm. I found homes for three of the kittens and kept “Momma” and the runt of the litter, a black kitten who looked like a panther.  I named the kitten “Scruffles”. Momma died suddenly from acute liver failure when she was just 2 years old. When I lost Momma I was devastated and didn’t feel right with just one kitty to take care of…I was so used to taking care of two!!! So my mom and I both went to The Putnam Humane Society on a whim, not expecting to find anything. The Office Manager told us to come with her into the back, and there was the little blond fur ball in the little black cage with four brothers/sisters and after petting him I went to try and put him back into the cage and he didn’t want to go back in and literally tried jumping back into my arms…and that’s when I knew HE WAS THE ONE!!! Now he’s my little man who follows me practically everywhere. Heraldo is now named Patches, and I just wanted to show you how wonderfully he’s doing and how big he’s gotten…he’s the best! You were wonderful to me and I wouldn’t get my pets anywhere else except PHS.


Darma-1Darma Darma-2

Darma loves her new home and all of her new friends…I want to thank the Putnam Humane Society for giving me the chance to adopt such a sweet and wonderful companion. She is nothing but the best and has won the hearts of my family, they love when she comes over for visits :)


EDDIE-SUCCESS-STORYMy name is Eddie.  I am a cat..

I was previously in residence at an animal “shelter”. It was actually just a small cage, with lots of other cats in more cages all around me.

Sometimes our caretakers would let me out to play around the two small rooms that held our cages, but that was it.  Nothing more for me to do except for one very important thing.  Whenever some people would come to the shelter, looking to pick out a cat to take home with them, I worked out a very clever shtick — if I say so myself.

I figured out that I would have to do something that would make me look more appealing than the other cats. So whenever people walked by my cage I would flop on my side, stick a paw through the bars as if I was asking for help, and look up very yearningly  with my gorgeous yellow eyes.  If I could have rolled my eyes I would have done that too, but as things turned out it wasn’t necessary.

Three months ago, a nice looking couple — although a bit old, I must confess — came to our shelter looking for a replacement cat. They explained that they had once had a cat whom they said they had loved very much for many years, but it had died suddenly two years ago. They said they grieved so much that they had to wait two years before they could bring themselves to look for another cat.

I wasn’t sure I believed this hokey story.  But I said to myself, “What the hell!” And then I went into my little routine and it worked like a charm. They said I was the cat they had to have!

So now I am ensconced in a really lovely country home, with lots of outdoor grounds that are chock-a-block full of mice, chipmunks and some other little creatures whose names I have forgotten. And the couple who picked me turned out to be a very solicitous staff, dedicated to feeding me regularly and brushing me gently. I’m quite happy with this set up, and will probably develop some generous affection for them pretty soon.

I suspect that they would like me to spend more time with them, and less outside on my own all night and most of the day.  But they are kind of boring.  We’ll see.

Stay tuned!

– Eddie

P.S.  While they know my name is Eddie, they keep calling me “the schnorer”. I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll figure it out one of these days. I just hope it’s not an insult.

I do go into my little act, with lots of purring, rolling over, rubbing, kneading, etc., whenever I feel like getting that special wet food they have. Maybe that has something to do with this “schnorer” business.

Teresa, Jack & Rocky


Rocky, Jack, & Teresa – 3 Great Companions from PHS!

Finally caught all 3 of our adoptees from you guys together in one picture. Jack continues to amaze us with his unique personality. Rocky is a dear who has accepted my whole family and all of them have adopted him. My sister is his godmother. Teresa is first to jump in bed with us every night, purring as loud as a John Deere tractor. They are all amazing. Thank you for them and keep up all of your good work.

Sue & Jim



When we began looking for a dog, John and I knew we wanted a pit bull. We both feel they are so wrongly judged and mislabeled. We wanted to do our part to start educating people about this loyal, loving, gentle, intelligent breed. We began searching on Petfinder for female pit bulls/mixes. It was gut-wrenching. so many beautiful dogs…. how do you choose only one???

Once we met Gypsy, we couldn’t ignore her connection with John; and his with her… We missed her every night since then until we could bring her home.

Well, it’s about 6 hours since we arrived home with Gypsy and we are wondering how we ever lived without her!!! She is amazing!! She loved the car ride home, and once home ran around the fenced in yard and played with Chevy for an hour! She was so gentle playing with him, but really enjoyed herself, too. For a big girl she can really move! Then she came into her new house and circled around and around learning her layout. Every time she went back to the door we let her back out into the yard. She just looked up so appreciative – as if to say “this is SO cool…” We laughed so much watching her and Chevy play! They both pulled out some impressive moves!

She was well behaved and ladylike at dinner time, then went back outside and sat on the porch with John and Chevy. She is such a happy and balanced girl – her tail never stops wagging! We take Gypsy for a nice long walk every morning, and the whole neighborhood is slowly meeting and getting to know Gypsy. She has made a couple of new puppy dog friends. We are proud to show people how gentle and sweet she is!

We wish every dog had the same fortune of coming under the care of PHS. Thank you for our wonderful dog!!



Hello to all,

Just thought I would attach some pictures of Ginger. Juliette was a good name, but for Shakespeare, her story didn’t end happily. And since she’s mostly ginger in color, that’s her new name. We really love having Ginger as part of our family! She’s got the sweetest spirit and will do anything for treats! She’s very energetic on her walks, but a couch potato when inside. The perfect combination. Thank you for adding some joy to our family!

Jenn Pick



Remember Lindsay? She was adopted on Thanksgiving and is now named “DIXIE”! Look at how happy she is sunning herself with her furry family members. We’re so happy that Dixie found such a wonderful home!


Ham-Success-StoryHam’s adjusted pretty well, we’re happy to say! She spent her first night under our bed, the next day & night in her own room and after that, the run of the house. Ham’s doing fine with our other cat Mason and he’s getting MUCH better with her. Ham’s got her own little favorite spots in the house already, like the windowsill enjoying the bright sunshine.

We’re up to 30 seconds of petting at a time. She LOVES to rub her head and then her entire body against my forehead/head and the 30 seconds of petting is allowed to happen after that. She’s a pretty independent gal!  We’re enjoying her quirky little personality.




Hi All,
Just wanted to share some pictures of Abigail (formerly Sierra) who we adopted on August 7, 2012…she is doing well and is a happy spoiled princess. Abigail has brought much happiness to my husband and I, we love her so much! She enjoys long walks, play time, belly rubs and cuddles. Abigail is loving lots of attention! She is our “Sweet Pea”!

Sunny & Bedda


Remember us? We are Sunny and Bedda. We love our new home and just wanted to say hi to our old friends. We have traveled to New Hampshire and the Adirondacks this summer. We just love the car and are well behaved in the back seat. Of course we are really spoiled, with too many treats.

– Pat T.

Arnie, Rudy & Monday



I am a PHS volunteer who lives with 3 PHS long term Senior Dogs; Monday, Rudy and Arnie. They light up my life. They are terrific dogs who needed a second chance in the right home. I am so happy they live with us. I highly recommend adopting a senior/long term resident from PHS. It makes you feel so good and the dogs are so deliriously happy to be part of a family. It truly warms my heart every day to care for these beautiful sentient beings. They help me as much as I help them.

– Kate M.



Hi!  My name is Margaret and I’m writing to fill you in on Dozer. Dozer was adopted in 2006 by my mother-in-law (Kathy White).

He is a pit mix on the large size and an awesome dog. My mother-in-law passed away in 2009 suddenly, and after discussing it with my husband we decided to take Dozer into our home. We have twin boys who at the time were 3 years old and both just diagnosed with autism. Well, I have to say Dozer has been great, he never has to be on  a leash and his hardest decision is what bed he is going to sleep in. He lays at the foot of my son’s bed at night for story time. His only downfall is his obsession for the boys string cheese and pancakes!! He is about 10 years old now but he looks great.


Take a look at this wonderful video made by Smithers’ Foster Dad to see just how happy Smithers is!



Willow the Boxer was adopted by a very special couple and their male Boxer “Chuck”. It was instant chemistry between Willow and Chuck. They love to play and run together. Willow’s owners report that Willow doesn’t sleep, she stretches out long and lanky to recharge her batteries for the next day’s activities. Willow’s favorite games are wiffle ball and trying to “catch” the water from a water gun.



Anul took me on 4 long walks in the first 4 hours she was here. The picture shows Anul watching my Mustangs from the porch.

She’s been with me for a week now – and it’s been very healing for both of us. We take multiple walks every day – miles in total, she loves the place and is very calm. She’s lost weight, toned up and stood quietly yesterday when I used clippers on her.

Thank you for all you did for her (and me).



After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 many dogs were rescued.

Among them was this little guy who was trucked into Carmel with other dogs and cats. The good people at the Putnam Humane Society nursed him back to health and cured him of the heartworm. They also named him Bucky (are they Marvel Comic fans?). We adopted Bucky in 2006 and have enjoyed our every day with him, thanks to the PHS. Now after six years with us, Bucky is covered with rippling muscles, eagerly awaiting his next adventure!

The perfect adoption.

– Bill Hager


Carter having fun with his new family!!



Minnie has had a nice transition to our home and has fit right into our energetic family.

The first night went off without a hitch and she has been very responsive to us! Thanks to everyone at the humane society for making this adoption quick, easy, and most of all, an enjoyable experience!

– Kristin





Easter-ish010 Easter-ish013

Thought you might like to see how comfortable Benji has made himself. We’ve decided to call him Chicago…..because of his White Sox!!

He has been nothing  but a perfect genleman….no agressiveness whatsoever.  Follows us around  just like a puppy!!

It’s  love!

Thanks for  everything!!

– Alison  Makarczuk

Suzie, Rugby & Bonzo

bonzo2 three-friends

We’re incredibly grateful to the Putnam Humane Society for taking such good care of our three best friends Suzie, Rugby, and Bonzo. Bonzo is the big guy in the picture and the most recent addition to our family. He waited at the shelter patiently for seven long years before finally finding his forever home.

All three are terrific friends even though they came into our home at different times. Over the years we’ve been amazed at how calm, friendly, and well trained our friends from the shelter have been. They’re all used to being around other people and they are certainly accustomed to other dogs. Every single one has been house trained from the moment they arrived, and they all learned to go in and out of the dog door in just a few minutes – pretty amazing for animals that have spent years living in a relatively small cage. It’s because people at the shelter spend enormous amounts of time taking them for walks and playing with them to ensure that they are well socialized. We are always dismayed to hear people say that they are reluctant to adopt a homeless friend from a shelter because “they don’t know what they’re getting.” In fact, the truth is that adopting a friend from PHS ensures that the dog has been cared for and observed by the well-trained staff so that his personality is well understood. You’ll always know that your new friend is well-suited to his new home.

Every one of these friends has become a faithful companion almost instantly. They understand that they now have real home and want nothing more than to give love. None of these dogs has ever shown the slightest sign of aggression and they’ve never damaged anything in the house. All they really want is someone to be their friend and a warm place to curl up and sleep. Each one has brought more love and friendship into our lives than anyone could possibly imagine. But Bonzo – the one who waited the longest – is the most special.

Rudy and Monday playing in the snow!


These two former long term PHS residents are having a wonderful time together and getting a second chance at a happy life!

We have been integrating Rudy into our pack. He is a gentle playful boy. Both he and Monday were afraid of strangers and took some time to get to know. But in the right home, with love and patience, THEY ARE GREAT PETS! So rewarding to see these dogs become pack mates and buddies. 😉



Ms. Leah has been enjoying her new home since we got her in March , after the passing of our beloved chow. Queen Leah loves all her kisses & tickles, and just being where she knows she is adored…… as it should be for a “Golden Girl” !!

Our heartfelt gratitude to the kind & hard working staff at PHS for picking this girl out for us. Stacy, you were right on the money when you suggested Leah!!

Keep rockin’

– Duncan, Holly & Leah

Stella (Formerly Hershey)


Here’s a picture of Hershey (we re-named her Stella) that we adopted in the fall of 2010. She was timid and shy in the beginning and not very socialized with other people and she was not house broken at all and so we had lots to clean each day. We have worked very hard with her and took our time so we could get to know each other and to trust one another. I cannot tell you enough how far she has come. She is soooo smart and is completely house broken and on a regular routine. We take her everywhere which is to say mostly to the horse farm. She loves all the horses and they love her back. She is quite frequently our guest at the fire house where we both volunteer and all the firemen love her too.

She sits, stays, fetches, comes back, rolls on her back and does the “Wiggle Worm” on command (so funny!). She goes with us on our horseback riding trail rides and jumps in every lake and pond she can find! As such, we found that she loves to get bathed at the farm and in the bathtub!!!

She is a good trusted friend and a snuggle queen too! We absolutely adore her and are so happy things worked out for her!

Thank you for all your help and we hope you enjoy the picture.

– Diane & Paul Kane 



About 4 years ago, I went to the shelter to visit my sister who was working there and I heard the funniest howling ever. I asked her what it was and she told me it was the most unusual looking Rottie dog they just got in and she thought he was perfect for me. Having experience with the Rottie breed, I said okay, lets check him out. I was so surprised by his coloring and vocalization. I knew right then I wanted him to be part of my family. So I said lets get the paperwork started but I had to wait because he had heartworm and lymes disease. Finally I got the call that the shelter would start his treatment if I was willing to take him home. Never will I forget the day Danny handed the leash to me and home Powder went with me. He was never a completely healthy boy but we managed well. Powder put on some 20 plus pounds(not fat) and had the run of the house with his new brother, Toby. They got along from the very start. Powder loved his treats and if you did not get one for him quickly he would bump his chest into your leg to say come on already…get it for me! Oh, and socks…he loved them and would wait with such excitement for you to take them off so he could get it. Never a mean bone in him and always the gentle giant. I’m so glad my family had the opportunity to foster such a beautiful boy. On Sunday, 2/27/2011, his huge heart gave out and he left us…it was sudden and unexpected. It’s left a huge hole in my heart and an emptiness in my home that was once filled with so much personality.

R.I.P. Powder (HR Puffin Stuff, Puff) Mommy misses you.
– Tish



I adopted Nikki the day after Valentine’s Day in 2010. That was 10 1/2 months ago and she continues to progress and do well. She has gotten quite social with other dogs & people too. I think our frequent trips to the Dog Park has helped in that regard. She is completely housebroken and has become a good watchdog. She has learned to play with toys (rip apart) , especially fuzzy, squeaky toys. She also retrieves tennis balls that I throw when she is off leash at the Dog Park. This may not sound like much, but when I first got her, she didn’t play at all. It does my heart good to see her at play & it is great exercize for her. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that Nikki & I found each other. As Caesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, is fond of saying: “God doesn’t always give you the dog you want, he gives you the dog you need.”

Happy Holidays everyone.
– Bob



We never thought we’d ever be ready to adopt again, after the sudden loss of our beloved pet. However, during a visit to the PHS, we met with the wonderful, caring staff there. (They seem to have a knack for matching just the right human to pet!). We loved Oreo from the start! She’s so well trained & very behaved. She happily greets us every day when we come home from work, she keeps us moving with her fondness for long walks, and she keeps us laughing everyday! Of course, Oreo loves to snuggle on down with all the family…in any chair we’re in. Thank you PHS for matching us with our perfect doggie friend. We can’t imagine life without her!

Most Sincerely,
The Gyuro’s and Oreo



After a friend visited your shelter recently, I was prompted to take a look at your website and saw your success stories page and thought I’d update you on a dog I adopted several years ago.

I adopted Trevor in 2006, a 5+ yrs resident of PHS he was already 9 when adopted him. Now 13 he is still going strong. As yet I have been unable to figure out why Trevor spent so many years at the shelter as he is the easiest dog to have around (if you don’t mind the shedding). But if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have him now and I can only thank the PHS for keeping such a wonderful dog for so long and its testiment to you that he is as well adjusted as he is.

We have since moved from NY down to NC where Trevor finds the warmer weather favorable for his arthritis. He might be a little creaky but he gets around just fine and with no significant greying yet its the thing that gives his age away.

He remains extremely healthy and we’re hopeful he’ll be with us for a long while to come.

– Melissa K.

Simba the Labradog and Monday the Cattledog

SImba-and-MondaySimba was the first dog we adopted from PHS five years ago. He was 10 years old at the time. His owners had abandoned him, leaving instructions to euthanize him, because they were having a baby. Thank goodness for PHS, who took him in and saved his life. He is a sweet, gentle big dog. We love him with all our hearts. He has made our home a happier place with his lovable ways. He is a poster dog for adopting a senior pet. I better never meet his former owners!

We adopted Monday after she had been at PHS for six years. Her cage presence was so bad, that most of the staff was hesitant to walk her. Only a few volunteers were her friends. Being a volunteer for PHS, I grew to see what a wonderful dog she is. Once thought to be dog, cat and men aggressive, in our home she plays with our other dogs, snuggles with my husband and shares beds with kitties! She is a heart warming example of how wonderful and rewarding it is to adopt a dog who has been at PHS for years.

My husband and I get a special sense of satisfaction knowing what a huge difference we made in the lives of these animals. I get as much from adopting these dogs who had the “issues” of old age and bad cage presence, if not more than they do. They have made our lives happier!

– Kate M.


lambchop2 MY LIFE
by Lambchop T. Mead (aka Maxwell)

The first three years were a mystery to me and everyone I know. The following 5 years I lived at the Shelter, eating, sleeping, jumping at the fence, oh yes…biting my caretakers. Couldn’t be groomed regularly — always need a sedative.

Lo and behold along comes this Lady who was being courted by other dogs — Tucson, Lucas and many others. But she liked me the best because I was “un-adoptable”. So one day she couldn’t find me at the Shelter — I had been groomed — instead of looking like a dirty, muddy, unkempt stuffed animal — I looked like a lamb. And she called me “Lambchop” after the Shari Lewis hand puppet. P.S. She was on that show once a long time ago.

Next thing you know I’m living on a boat, falling up and down stairs and in the water. My brother was an older guy named Maxwell (another reason for my name change); which took me over a year to get the hang of.

So though I never really got the stairs or which side doors opened on I did learn to wake my Lady up in the middle of the night by mental telepathy or simply by standing on her while she slept. Another claim to fame is I discovered I could watch her in the mirror between the living room and bedroom, pretty smart, huh?

She took me everywhere (in the beginning it was to safeguard the boat and apartment from being destroyed)—I was into pulling the drapes down. We traveled in the little yellow buggy which I loved: the beach, picnics in city parks, tennis courts, grassy fields in Pelham where I ran free, walks along the Hudson River, I left my mark on the Cloisters and went to work with the “boys” in Brewster, lead by the Captain who I didn’t really like — took 3 years for me to warm up to him; of course I bit him twice but my Mom chose me over him so I got to stay. Whew!!!

And I had an extended family: a couple of forty-somethings, an eight year old plus dogs and cats who always outsmarted me. And then along came this girl dog with the high IQ and really made me look even dopier but she sure smelled good.

Anyway, on August 13th (Friday the 13th), I broke my leg — nobody knows how. My Mom nursed me back to health and I was almost perfect when, all of a sudden, a handful of horrible things happened to me (had been lurking there all the time) — well you know the rest.

So now I’m up here waiting for Mom and the Captain to get here. But I’m not alone: there’s Susie, Brandy, Lucky, JC, Blackie, Butch, Dorkette (Ashley), Dennis, Doris, Maxwell the first, Ernie, Pua, Sam and even a cat named Katy. And can’t forget Frisky and Geoffrey.

Meanwhile my spirit resides in my lair under the coffee table.

1999-October 4, 2010
Beloved Funny Face, “The Wooly Mammoth”



Hi Everyone,

Buster is doing great !! He has been eating well and putting on a little weight. He is a great dog and loves to play. He is happy in his new home. Thanks for everything!

Mike Rash



My fiance and I have owned Winter for almost 2 years now, and she has been nothing but a joy in our lives! She is what makes a house a home. When we first entered the shelter it was difficult in choosing only one dog to take home. We made many visits and narrowed it down to a few pups, after finding out some were adopted and others weren’t quite ready for adoption we limited it down to Winter. After many of days of playing and walking her, we immediately fell in love and filled out an adoption form. We called day and night wanting to find out if we approved or not, and finally got the call to come pick her up!! Winter has overcome a lot of anxiety, and fears since owning her. She’s a playful pup who loves us very much and enjoys her toys, treats, and car rides!! We would like to thank the staff at PHS for letting us care for such an amazing pet, and hope the best for all of the remaining animals at the shelter!! We will remain to donate and volunteer for you guys!!

– Jennifer C.



I adopted Chase back in 2006. Don’t worry – all is fine!! I adopted a kitten back in 2008 and he completely changed Chase into a loving and protective companion. When Chase gets frightened during a thunderstorm, the cat comes over, lays down next to him and Chase relaxes a bit. Anyway…Chase has finally calmed down, loves his new feline companion and is doing real well.

I never gave up hope – even though it took him more than a year to realize I was just his friend..

– Tony



We adopted Eli in late December 2009 and he has been a tremendous blessing. His two favorite things are being outside and snuggling. He loves hiking, climbing rocks, and trampling through water. Eli loves to play and is always ready for his favorite game; tug. He is very affectionate and constantly wants to be touched. The day is not complete until Eli showers us with our daily lickings.

He is very patient not to bother us while I am cooking at the stove or when we are eating. But, the minute we have finished our last bite he is up and right beside us. We are very lucky to have Eli. We hope he is as happy with us as we are with him.

– William and Diana Ahrens


frankie_goes_homeOur Frankie…When we first visited PHS and met Frankie, we were astonished that Frankie had been at PHS for as long as he had been. We asked over and over why he hadn’t been adopted. And now that Frankie has been a member of our family for almost a year, almost every day we still ask ourselves why he hadn’t been adopted.

Frankie is a sweet, wonderful and loveable dog. It took him a few weeks to settle in and to realize that our home was now his home. But now it’s like he’s always been part of our family. When any of us have been out and return home, we are greeted by a playful, tail-wagging and smiling dog who seems so happy to have us home again. Frankie loves playing ball in the yard, but his most favorite activity is to go for a long walk in the park.

And Frankie believes that any open door in any vehicle is a means of getting to the park. It’s pretty funny to see him jump into the trunk of the car when I am unloading groceries. And even the mailman has had the experience of Frankie climbing onboard! It also turns out that Frankie is a good pet therapy dog. A friend’s daughter has several disabilities. She loves dogs, especially Frankie. And Frankie just seems to know exactly how to
interact with her.

The day we brought Frankie home with us, it was amazing to see how many ofthe PHS team came by to see Frankie off. He was clearly well loved by the PHS staff and volunteers and everyone was so happy that Frankie finally found a home. We are so thankful to all of you for taking such good care of him for all those years and we want you to know that we adore Frankie and we do everything we can to make sure he is happy and well cared for. Frankie really is the perfect dog for us and we just hope we are the perfect family for Frankie.

– Martha, Nigel and Jack Swift



14 years ago and for reasons I still can not explain, I turned my van into your shelter just to “look around” and came out of there with the best friend I ever had. His name was Shadow….a 6 month old yellow lab. Today and for the last 4 days, I carry a very heavy heart. This past Sunday I had to put my buddy Shadow to sleep. I miss him so, so much and now I am totally lost without him. The picture I am sending you was taken about 3 months ago and it is now my computer wallpaper. The leash & collar you see on him I now carry alone on my morning walks by myself. I’m just so sad.

I can only hope that Shadow is now in dog heaven with my first best friend, Buster. He was a black lab whom I also miss very much. I know that I simply can not get another dog right now, but I would like to volunteer my time at PHS if that’s alright with you. I would also prefer to spend time with the older dogs. They need love the most.

Rest In Peace Shadow and Play Pain Free. Daddy loves you and will never forget you.

– CleaningMan1117



This is Mya, she was only at your shelter for a day before we were able to adopt her from you (it really must have been fate!) We came into first meet her the day she arrived from her trip from a shelter in Georgia. We found out more about her from the facility that transported her to PHS (Leftover Pets Inc). She was a stray and she was supposed to go to a shelter in Albany NY but somehow the driver of the truck left her off at PHS (again it must be fate!) At 10 months of age she was the oldest of the puppies who made that trip to your shelter but she was exactly what we were looking for. She instantly bonded with the two of us as she sat on our laps when we filled out the application for her. Taking her home the next afternoon we had no reservations but kept an open mind and wanted to give her time to adjust. It only took her a few days to blossom and fit right into our home. Now she has all the toys and treats she wants and she is bonding extremely well with the whole family and our other dog.

We hope all the other puppies who made the trip with her were adopted to good homes and we wish all the other puppies making the trip up North success in their future.

We wanted to send some pictures to show off her personality. Again thank you for all your hard work and dedication to these loving animals!


– Lauren Stier & Chris Lucia



I came to the Shelter in December of 2008 with the hope of adopting a dog. As I walked around, I noticed that most of the dogs were jumping up and down and barking. However, one dog was sitting quietly in her igloo. She looked sad and lonely. I decided that this would be my adopted dog. I did wonder, though, what I was getting myself into. I had never adopted a dog from a shelter before. I became especially anxious when I was told that Reenie had to be sedated during her vet visit, as she had tried to bite the doctor’s head during a previous visit. Hmmmm. Was this really the dog for me? Yes, she was! We instantly bonded and Reenie became Rina. Today she relishes her long walks, loves rolling in the grass and becomes very excited when she meets the neighbors. Rina has a sweet and loving nature, is wonderful company and I cannot imagine life without her. They say dogs are man’s best friend and that is exactly what she has become. Adoption offers good news for the pets adopted and good times for the humans who rescue them.

– Ruth Merrill



My husband and I adopted an Australian Cattle Dog named Monica from PHS in early fall of 2002, and we can’t imagine life without her. She is intelligent, loyal, obedient, and has a great sense of humor. We can take her anywhere, but she also takes the responsibility of guarding our home very seriously when she is there alone. She was
housebroken when we adopted her, which made us feel so lucky! She is also a terrific companion for any outdoor activity, because she stays with us even when she’s off-leash.

Monica is slowing down a little now that she’s nine or so, so we’re taking care to keep her as healthy as we can into her senior years. Hopefully it’ll be years still before we need to return to PHS for our next dog–we can’t imagine a better pet than Monica.

– Lauren Connelly


GinnieI adopted Ginnie from PHS July 5, 2006. She got hemangiosarcoma (cancer) Feb.16th, 2008. She was given 0-3 months to live. She passed away May 15, 2010. She was an amazing girl. She was the best girl you could ever want. she taught me more then I think I taught her. She was always a happy girl. She was always smiling and wanted to be near me and waiting for me by the door. The day she took her last breath was the saddest day of my life. My heart cries for her. I am soo sad without her. Please Ginnie Finally RIP baby girl. You were always wanted pumpkin! Your Mommy misses u so much. (Everybody who ever met u misses u also.)

– Angela



Hi Amor and Staff at PHS,

As promised, attached are three photos of Pennington in his new home. He’s such a good guy and we are really happy to have him as a member of our family. The first three days were strange and a little stressful for him but he has acclimated nicely. He loves to roam around in our house and explore all the nooks and crannies and, of course, laying in the sunshine by the patio door or sitting on the windowsill and looking out are two of his favorite pastimes.

By regular post we are sending you a donation in appreciation for all the good work you do for the animals and your community.
Best regards and many thanks,

Lydia & Bob Lord


duncanDuncan (formerly Milky) is the newest member of our household. He was adopted from PHS in the fall of 2009. Duncan, pictured with his buddy Daisy (calico cat), is a special needs kitty. He was born with severely deformed paws. None of his toes or pads on any of his feet are normal. He doesn’t seem to know, or mind! He runs, jumps and plays, despite his disability. Well, he doesn’t actually run, as much as he hops like a bunny (a wonderful adaptation to his messed up feet). Duncan came from a special litter of kittens, with Meredith as his mom. Meredith and all of her kittens were successfully placed in other homes.

Duncan is an amazing cat. He has an endearing quality about him…..he is gentle, and quiet, and yet can be very playful and mischievous. Because of his paws, he sits in unusual positions, often crossing the two front paws, as his front paws do not lay flat. It took a few weeks for Daisy, our calico cat, to warm up to Duncan. And then she became his best friend. They sleep and play together. Sometimes, when he wants to play, and she is sleeping, Duncan will lick her head till she wakes up to play. Our tortie cat Delilah; on the other hand, tolerates Duncan when he torments her into play. The 80 lb greyhound that resides here? Dawson is a gentle soul, who tiptoes over Duncan whenever he gets underfoot. Every once in a while, Dawson will share his dog bed with Duncan, being careful not to lay on him! These two animals are affectionately referred to as “Big D” (the greyhound) and “Little D” (Duncan of course).

We are grateful that PHS took such good care of Duncan, and advocated for the right home for him, despite his disability. We cannot imagine life without him. For any of you considering a new pet addition to your household…..consider a special needs or senior animal. They need homes too, and make the most incredible pets!

LeeAnne, Chris, Brielle and Delaney Jones

Pat & Jan


Meet Pat and Jan, who are now officially adopted members of the Dollshouse! These two kittens have it made in sun and shade. They act like they own the house, prancing on windowsills and taking over the sunny spots on the couch. They’re in good health and are constantly playing with toys and wrestling one another.

It’s a big difference from when they first came home as foster-kittens. Around New Year 2010, Pat and Jan were a little sick and very skittish and in need of a good home. Both kittens came home on antibiotics for respiratory infections. Their background as semi-feral kittens, caught near a cat colony that uses caves a shelter, was obvious in their initial behavior. Any little sound was enough to send them running for a dark den. At first, they spent the majority of their time hiding: their original haunts were under the couch, at the back of their own private broom closet, and squeezing together at the back of the upstairs balcony, where the roofline meets the floor.

With the constant handling required as a part of administering the antibiotics and keeping their faces clean, the kittens gradually became accustomed to human contact. Each day, they required less and less “persuasion” to come to get their medications and seemed more and more to enjoy the moments of cuddling after receiving their medication. In no time, the two semi-feral kittens became curious and fun-loving housepets!

Pat and Jan are best friends. They cannot bear being apart, even for a few moments. If one cat is separated from another, he cries a little and his brother comes running. When they take trips to the vet, their kennels always have to face each other so they can see one another. Any human so unfortunate as to close a door behind one cat and not the other soon learns that it’s best (and quietest) to let one cat in or the other cat out. They are truly bonded!

– Amanda W. Doll

Nike, Timbs & Uggs


My boyfriend Bill and I adopted Nike February of 2009. Nike was a hurricane Katrina rescue, and is a FIV positive. When we saw him, we knew he belonged to us, and nothing can be further from the truth. Nike has become such a huge part of our family and I cant begin to explain how loved he his. Spoiled spoiled spoiled!

My boyfriend was so jealous of the connection Nike and I share and wanted a cat he could snuggle with at night as well. awww…I am lucky to have a companion that shares the same love for animals as I do. So, in February of 2010, only a year later after adopting Nike, we adopted of course another FIV positive. His name is Garfield, which we have changed to Timbs. When we brought Timbs home, him and Nike became instant friends. We couldn’t believe how immediate their love was for one another. Not a single hiss or growl, nothing. In fact, Nike and Timbs sleep with each other and are inseparable. Unfortunately, that meant no cuddling for my boyfriend :( But at least Nike has a friend to love and play with when we cant be home with them.

When we came in to adopt Garfield now known as Timbs, we had noticed a cat that was also FIV positive. What a beautiful, over weight cat just like our others! He looked so vulnerable and helpless and we just thought to ourselves “We are doomed’ … Not more than a month later, we knew we wanted to go back yet again and adopt “Buddy” who is now Uggs. Now having him for only a week, he is no longer timid. He follows us all around the house, and is a complete and total love bug. It worked out perfect because sure enough, my boyfriend now has the best cuddler known to man! I never thought all three cats would sleep with us, but you bet they do. Nike in my arms, Uggs in Bills arms, and Timbs at the foot of the bed. We couldn’t be happier with our decisions in adopting these wonderful male cats that are sick and in need of our care and love! We want to Thank all those that helped us with making our dreams come true. We love them like they are our children, and will have a forever life filled with love and care. For those looking to adopt, don’t look past the older cats that are sick, because they are just as loving and playful as the kittens. Everyone wants the kittens, make a difference and go for the older ones! Thank you again for our amazing cats!

Thank You Again,
Carly, Bill, Nike, Timbs, and Uggs



We are so happy with Shazaam.

He has a very sweet disposition and is great with the kids. He loves to take long walks with me and play outside with the kids. He is truly a member of our family now. Shazaam is a real people dog and loves everybody. People often stop me and ask what type of dog he is and where I got such a beautiful dog. I tell them that I don’t know what type of dog he is, because he was a stray, and they are surprised to learn that he came from the Humane Society. I can’t thank you enough for your work and for entrusting Shazaam to us. We definitely smile more every day since he arrived



This is Bubba. Bubba was a dog who lived at the Putnam Humane Society for many years. When I fostered Bubba back in June of 2006. he lived a great carefree life here with my other dogs. Bubba never barked, but he never made a mess in the house either. Bubba would push the gate down when he needed to go outside. He was a smart and loving dog and we miss him.


ethanHi All,

We wanted to give you guys an update on Ethan since we know how special he was to everyone while he was with you. He’s doing great up in Boston with us and definitely felt at home right away. We were a little worried about his leg the first couple of days but after a few weeks and a consultation with the vet he started walking on all fours and hasn’t had a problem since. He’s great on the leash and loves meeting all of our neighbors on the sidewalk. They love him too, he gets complimented ALL the time and is definitely the most popular and loved dog in our building. We’ve been taking Ethan to the dog park once or twice a week and he’s become very good around other dogs. He started off only being comfortable around the smaller ones, but now he gets along with the bigger dogs too. He’s also made some puppy friends walking around the track in the park across the street. His two best buds so far are a chihuahua and a puggle, and we think he might have a crush on another rescued Pit Bull who lives down the street.

Ethan loves being a couch potato, but most of the time we can get him to go for a run in the neighborhood with Pat. However, his favorite game is running back and forth on the bleachers of the track with me and leaping over all the open spaces. We’ll go back and forth countless times before he gets tired, and he attracts a fan club every time we do this. He just loves to jump and show off. He doesn’t like to wake up early to go out, and by early we mean before 11am! We have to coax him out of bed and usually he’ll just roll over for a belly rub before even thinking about getting up, it’s absolutely adorable. He loves to snuggle and sleep under the blankets with his head on the pillow or on your shoulders, and he has the cutest snore. He makes the funniest grumbling sounds when he rolls around in the bed and lounges on the couch. Surprisingly, Ethan loves to get dressed up. Whenever I pull out one of his sweaters he runs up to me wagging his tail and nuzzles his head into it!

We honestly can’t remember what life was like before Ethan, and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives. We want to thank everyone at the Humane Society for giving us the opportunity to fall in love with him and let him be part of our family. He is an absolutely amazing dog and we love him so much. He is so smart, so loving, and we just can’t believe how lucky we were to find him. We are so appreciative to everyone who took care of Ethan before we adopted him, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to bring him in to visit with everyone soon! We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Katie and Patrick



My wife and I adopted a great cat named Carmella at the Putnam Humane Society on Sunday January 24th. The staff there was extremely helpful and accommodating. You can tell they really care about the welfare of the animals in their charge.

Carmella (aka MillieCat), is a Domestic Short Hair Tabby. This is the sweetest little cat I have ever met. She is a clown, and will dive into any closet or cabinet that is opened. She will thrust her furry little head onto you to be petted, at every opportunity. MillieCat will follow you endlessly wherever you go in the house. Millie talks to us all the time, too….good natured meows and little “purrrrrrrts”. This cat loves affection and is tolerant of any kind of rubbing, petting, scratching and caressing. She has the prettiest markings as well, like some kind of exotic or lynx or bobcat, with spots mixed in with the stripes on her back. I think the more comfortable she gets, it will just get better. We play with her all the time and she never seems to tire of it.

Adopting an animal from the shelter is a great idea that we would recommend to anyone. Your first vet’s visit is included in the nominal fee, and the staff at the shelter is always there for you, should you have any questions or concerns.


Jonathan Moorehead
Jeannine Hannum

Simba saves the Day


On our first day of a long needed vacation, our pet sitter called us in a panic because she could not find our fourteen year old cat Barney. We were having work done on the house and apparently Barney ran out of our house after a workman was making a lot of noise and had left the front door open. We were all heartsick. On the fourth night of Barney being missing, our pet sitter Marissa came home and let the dogs out as she normally would do.

We have a Lab mix, Beagle and Cattle dog. All shelter alumni. After a while the dogs return except the lab, Simba. She calls for him and he doesn’t come. Simba is always obedient, unlike our beagle 😉 Feeling some concern, she went to the back of our house and there she found Simba standing next to Barney!!! Barney was found. He was a little scared but Marissa was able to coax him into a carry case. Had Simba obeyed, Barney would have definitely spent another night terrified outside.

Simba Saves The Day!

I had blown out my birthday candles about an hour before. My only wish was that Barney come home safe and sound. What a lucky person I am. Not only for getting my beloved Barney back, but for all of the love and happiness I receive from all of the dogs and cats I have given a second chance at a happy life by sharing my home with them. I have truly been rescued!



Julie (formerly Judy) is a loving and very affectionate cat. We had been considering adopting another cat for some time when I decided to stop by the Putnam Humane Society where I had already adopted two other cats from. After looking around at the kittens I mentioned that I would be willing to adopt a grown-up cat as long as he/she would fit into our family of three kids, two cats, two birds and 1 dog! Julie was brought out for my consideration and I immediately knew she was the one. She was not shy at all, liked to be held, began purring as soon as my daughter and I pet her and rolled on her back to have a belly rub. Once I heard that she had a litter of kittens that had all been adopted my mind was made up…..she deserved a loving home as well. In fact, my two year old wanted to take her home that day! Julie had no trouble adjusting to our home. Her favorite spot inside the house is a warm and comfortable fleece blanket on the foot of my son’s bed (as seen in the picture!). She will always purr and talk to us whenever we are around her so that she gets a little pet and a kiss. She truly is a special cat and will be loved and taken care of for the rest of her life:)

The Bonelli Family



Although she is blind, Misty has enlightened our lives with her sweet and gentle disposition. We are so fortunate to have her in our lives!



On February 16, 2008, our long-time dog passed away from cancer.  At first, we were going to wait before getting another dog but 2 weeks later we came to the PHS to “just see” what was available.  TAZ had been “dumped” at the shelter 3 weeks before we saw him.

We met TAZ and even though he was EXTREMELY shy and afraid, we were smitten with him.  We took him for a walk, but he kept trying to hide or run back to the shelter.  We went back later in the day when it was less active to see him again.  He was still timid, and all the other activity seemed to unnerve him.  We went back again the next day, and took him for another walk – where it was quiet. After an hour or so he finally allowed us to touch him and pet him.  The decision was made…we wanted him.  A week later he was home with us.  Since then there has been a remarkable change in him.  He is now very affectionate, and LOVES to cuddle!!!

He has boundless energy, and LOVES his squeaky toys.  He is learning to walk well on a leash.  We work with him daily on his training, and he is making great strides.  He has several dog friends where we live, and LOVES his visits to the dog park.

Taz’s story:

I was a frightened puppy at the PHS.  The only people I was “comfortable with” were the folks at the shelter. Then one day a family came in. They took a look at me, but since I was so terrified, they had no interest in me. But then 2 guys came in.  I was brought out to them & I was terrified. But they seemed to take an interest in me.  They spoke softly to me, and gave me treats. But I was still timid. They came back several times in two days, and I got used to them, and let them pet me.

A week later, they returned.  I was hoping they were going to take me home. They put me in a car, and we went for a ride. When we got to their house, I snooped around & made myself comfortable. Since I’ve moved in with Daddy Dan & Daddy Rusty I have a warm home, a soft bed, lots of toys (my Aunt Donna gave me a squeaky duck toy; it’s my favorite toy) and several doggie pals to play with. We go to the Dog Park regularly where I get to chase a ball, and run with even more doggy pals, and play with my new Frisbee.


Spot was a senior dog who was at the shelter for many years. He was very shy and I believe that is the reason he was passed over for adoption.

Some of the wonderful volunteers at the shelter worked with Spot to make him more sociable. I learned about him when I saw a flyer with his picture and his story. I went to the shelter to meet him and for many weeks I would go on weekends to walk him and bring him the treats that he loved. It was soon apparent that Spot was indeed a wonderful dog so my husband and I decided to bring him home under the foster care program. He has been with us under foster care for 3 1/2 years. He is still shy but he is not afraid of people the way he was in the beginning. Obviously, Spot had never been in a car before so it took a few weeks for him to get used to being in a car and now every time my husband and I are going out he gets excited because he feels he is coming for a ride with us. He really loves car rides!

After reading these success stories, I hope that more people will take the time to get to know some of the quieter dogs at the shelter and give them a chance for a home of their own. They wouldn’t regret it!

Dwaine & Eddie


Dwaine came into my life when I took in both Dwaine and Eddy in May 2006. They belonged to the Big Furry Dog class of mixed breeds, each around 90 lbs and gentle. Beautiful animals. Though technically foster care placements because of their advanced ages, there was never a moment I didn’t consider them fully adopted members of my family. Sadly, last December Eddy died from cancer. It was heartbreaking. But I was grateful I was able to make the last 7 months of his life an indulged, comfortable, pleasure-filled, experience. He, in turn, gave me 7 months of non-stop joy, laughs and comfort. Happily, Dwaine is still with me making me laugh and bringing me joy through his open, happy embrace of life. He has the spirit of a puppy. He relishes his walks, car rides and definitely his food. Dwaine even seems to sleep with profound pleasure. I continue the indulgence, coddling and play but I’m the one who’s gotten spoiled. Dwaine greets me with his Happy Dance, stays by my side, invites hugs and wag his tails fervently when he sees me – I can /only /be happy when I’m with him. Several times I’ve taken Dwaine to events sponsored by the Putnam Humane Society. People flock to him and invariably ask “Is this one available for adoption?” (It happened with Eddy, too.) It seems so peculiar because Dwaine and Eddy were at the Shelter for many years waiting for a home. Maybe people who go to Shelter are so careful looking for possible problems an abandoned dog might have, they fail to see the positive qualities. Being a regular dog walker at the Shelter, I get the opportunity to know the dogs and the many wonderful personalities and generous hearts behind the chain link fence.



Wilma, a sweet, brown, 6 year-old Shar Pei, joined my life in April 2007. Like Dwaine and Eddy, she is technically a foster care placement, but I consider her a permanent, full-fledged member of my family. Wilma had come to the Shelter several months earlier, and it was soon discovered she had lymphoma. Putnam Humane was prepared to get her chemotherapy but had been warned the treatments would be far less effective if Wilma remained living in the stress of the Shelter environment. Being a dog walker, I had come to know Wilma and learned of her situation. She is a charmer and I found it hard to ignore the compelling personality behind her big brown “baby seal” eyes. Not to mention, she has no idea she is sick. But I had to think hard about taking her home with me. In the end, once I was assured Dwaine liked her, I decided giving Wilma a chance was worth the possible pain of losing her to her illness. As soon as I got her home, I knew I’d made the right decision. Wilma settled right in and is the perfect little lady – with spunk. It’s more like she adopted Dwaine and me. She adores Dwaine and follows him around like a pesky little sister, she pesters me for hugs and showers me with kisses. And she’s never without a big furry squeaky toy in her mouth (the little ones just won’t do.) When she’s excited, she bounces up and down, wags her tail and loudly squeaks her enthusiasm with whatever toy is in her mouth. It’s a tremendously fun way to start each day. Wilma is as cute as can be, loving, and, like Dwaine, makes me laugh and brings me great joy. I don’t think about what might happen, life has taught me to savor happiness when I find it.



Marilyn Jean Young
November 2007

January 1, 2006. A bitter cold and frosty New Year’s Day. I came to the shelter for my usual walk with Hilda. I’d been visiting with her for a year and a half. She was a gentle walker, somewhat sad, and seemingly shy. But, after a few months she would cry when she saw me enter the gate and after several more months finally allowed me to gently stroke her when she sat down during our walk (which she did often). Our walks were long and our visits longer. I rented and couldn’t have a pet so we contented ourselves with weekly get-togethers. But this day was different.

Hilda had come to the shelter with her sister, Merri, close to four years earlier. Shortly after arrival Hilda needed an operation. While she was at the vet, Merri was adopted. Hilda lived alone for the remaining years.

The day was getting colder and it started to rain and sleet. We walked back to her pen. She had on a winter coat and settled down into her quilted bed. Only her head and front paws were visible. And then she did something she had never done. She crossed her paws and put her head down on them. She looked up at me with soulful eyes. “Now?”

A few days later she was in my car coming home. I had recently moved and my landlord said “Why don’t you get a dog?” And so, the miracle began.

The invisible thread from her heart to mine connected. And, as the days and months progressed she slowly shed her armor. With her comfort zone increasing she began to reveal depths I could never have imagined. Under her protective covering was a jewel.

From her gentle morning cuddling that greets the day to her full body wag welcome home at night, she has settled in. Her sensitivity and understanding seem to be intuitive. And, her patience astounds me. Her human-like gestures, both endearing and comical, are mine to savor.

At times her exploration of her new world was an adventure for us both. Buried treats, snatched dinners, and her seriousness with squirrel patrol now make me laugh. But the glee she showed while racing around the yard on a cold winter morning brought tears to my eyes. She ran so fast that her coat flew off! The joy of freedom could never have been better expressed than that.

Hilda melted my heart that icy January 1 and she has been melting my heart ever since. Beyond the joy and companionship she gives, she’s emerged as my teacher and guide. Watching her overcome her fears and anxieties has helped me overcome mine. Filling a hole I didn’t know existed, she mirrors my soul and nudges me on.

At this time of Thanksgiving the gratitude I feel at having her in my life goes beyond words. I am blessed that she waited for me and sorry it took so long. Thank you Hilda! We are a perfect match.

Ginnie M

ginnieMWe adopted Ginnie, a beautiful Pit Bull, in July 2006.

She is a special needs dog. I love her a lot. She is my best friend. When she laughs and smiles it lights up any room. She plays and loves taking walks. But mostly she loves our alone time. She loves giving kisses and hugs. Even on her down days I could never see my life without her. My dad loves taking her on walks and talks to her also…lol. She sleeps by my side almost every night. When I leave, she always waits for me at the door or looks out the window for me until I return.

She is so amazing and because of her I have met amazing people. Ginnie is my angel girl and the light of her mommy’s eyes!!



Louie was transported up to The Putnam Humane Society in February 2006. Best Friends Animal Shelter contacted us and asked if we could take in some of the abandoned animals left from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Louie (aka Houdini was one of the fortunate ones). We contacted his new forever home to see how he was doing…

“It was one year ago this month that I adopted Houdini, now known as Louie. We adopted him after he came up with other animals from various shelters after hurricane Katrina. Although he reminds us daily how he got his original name “Houdini”, my family and I couldn’t have picked a better dog to join the family.

Louie is an extremely playful and loving pet who likes to play in the snow, go for car rides, have play-dates with his friends and just hang out with his family. Thank you Putnam Humane Society.”

Tina Lopez



Thank you all at the Putnam Humane for saving Dioji (aka Count)!

Since adopting him, not a day goes by without him making us laugh! He is such a goofball. He has even made his sister Niko, a usually very serious 10 year old Madame Malamute, like a puppy again! He takes long hikes and runs through Ct. state parks off leash with us and is a very friendly boy to everyone he meets. Besides playing fetch, tug of war and tag at home, his favorite place to play is the beach! He can’t seem to get enough of chasing the waves and gulls.

Thanks again for making it possible for us to find the perfect match for our family.



Myles was an answer to my prayers. My husband didn’t want another dog after our Ginger passed away. She was a handful, to put it mildly, so I wanted an easier dog this time around. My husband was walking Myles a lot, along with a few other pit bulls. They are a favorite of ours. Myles was considered un-adoptable. With my husband putting in so much time with him, he turned out to be the best behaved dog that he walked.

Myles fits perfectly into our life, and is spoiled beyond measure. He is so well-behaved, and adores my husband! He takes up most of the couch while we watch TV, and loves sleeping with us. We take him everywhere, even a nursing home to visit a sick friend. Our grandsons love him, and he showers them with kisses. We socialize him a lot, so he gets along with most dogs, and cats, and practically everyone he meets. He’s an ambassador for his breed.

Thank you Putnam Humane Society!



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