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What to do if your Pet is Lost

You just realized your pet is missing, what do you do? Act quickly! Don’t assume your pet will come back on it’s own. Time is of the essence! The sooner you start, the greater the chance your pet will be found uninjured.

  • Rally your friends and neighbors to help you organize & start a search. Make sure everyone has smelly treats and a leash! Check backyards, porches, garages, and under & behind bushes. Knock on doors to alert your neighbors that your pet is missing.

  • Make a flyer with a good picture & brief description of your pet. Don’t forget to include your contact information! It should be easy for anyone passing by to read.

  • Post your flyer on Social Media! on Facebook (your FB page, and the FB pages of local Animal Shelters, Animal Hospitals, & Groomers) & Twitter. Ask that everyone SHARE your post.

  • Hang your flyer everywhere, all around your neighborhood, fax & email it to local Animal Shelters, Groomers, online newspapers, Animal Hospitals and Pet Stores within at least 5 miles.

  • Here are a few great online sites that help reunite pets and their owners:

  • Call local Animal Shelters, Dog Control Officers, Animal Hospitals, and Police Departments. Expand your search into Westchester, Dutchess and Connecticut.

  • Notify your Mailman, Newspaper delivery, Sanitation and Highway Dept.

  • Run an ad in the Pennysaver and local newspapers.

  • Go to local shelters and physically look for your pet. Pets are held for 5 days before they are placed up for adoption. Keep in mind that someone may have found your pet and taken them to their home, which could be a few towns away.

  • If you spot your pet, don’t run or chase after them. Kneel down and call your pet in a calm voice using nice, smelly treats to entice them to come to you.

  • If your pet has been sighted but you are unable to catch it, please consider hiring a local trapper. Again, the sooner you take action the better the chance your beloved pet will be found.

Think Ahead!

  • MICROCHIP YOUR PETS! Remember to keep your contact information up to date with the Microchip Company.


  • Your pet should always be wearing an ID Tag and Rabies Tag!


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